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Understanding Census Profiles

Many of the census profiles were printed in "spreadsheet" format, and space-saving abbreviations and acronyms were used in place of fully descriptive column names (see 1960 Census of Population and Housing by Enumeration District and 1970 Selected Characteristics). Likewise, some of the profile titles are not self-explanatory, and in most cases a brief description of the kind of data that can be found in each is provided.

Further information can be found at FactFinder.Census.gov, the U.S. Census Bureau's clearinghouse for data in the form of maps, tables, and reports from a variety of Census Bureau sources. Especially useful is their brief glossary of census- and data-related terms.

Thanks goes to the staff at the NC Office of State Budget and Management's State Data Center for providing the series guides.

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1960 Enumeration District Map (80 maps available)