Governors Papers, Historical

Image: "Thought to be Richard Caswell." Photograph no. 71.10.87. Audiovisual Materials Unit, Photograph Collection, State Archives of North Carolina

About this collection

The Historical Governors’ Papers collection is an ongoing digitization project and will eventually include the correspondence of many of North Carolina’s early governors. These materials are from the collections of the State Archives of North Carolina and each group of correspondence will be indexed by month and year. Also included are materials from North Carolina’s colonial governors.

Currently this collection includes the papers of:

  • Robert Daniel, Colonial Governor 1703-1705
  • Charles Eden, Colonial Governor 1714-1722
  • Gabriel Johnston, Colonial Governor 1734-1752
  • Nathaniel Rice, Colonial Governor 1734; 1752-1753
  • Matthew Rowan, Colonial Governor 1753-1754
  • Arthur Dobbs, Colonial Governor 1754-1763
  • William Tryon, Colonial Governor 1765-1771
  • Josiah Martin, Colonial Governor 1771-1775
  • Richard Caswell, in office 1776-1780; 1785-1787
  • Abner Nash, in office 1780-1781
  • Thomas Burke, in office 1781-1782
  • Alexander Martin, in office 1782-1785; 1789-1792
  • Samuel Johnston, in office 1787-1789
  • Richard Dobbs Spaight, in office 1792-1795
  • Samuel Ashe, in office 1795-1798
  • William Richardson Davie, in office 1798-1799
  • Benjamin Williams, in office 1799-1802; 1807-1808
  • James Turner, in office 1802-1805
  • Nathaniel Alexander, in office 1805-1807
  • David Stone, in office 1808-1810
  • Benjamin Smith, in office 1810-1811
  • William Hawkins, in office 1811-1814

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